Organization Structure______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • R. K. Carriers india Pvt. Ltd having 4 Directors named Sh. Rajendra Khatri, Raj Kumar Bohara, Nita Bohara, Satya Khatri. The Company has been promoted with the main object of Mining and Transportation Contracts.
  • The corporate office at Udaipur coordinates activities undertaken at different project sites.
  • Broad frame work of activities of R. K. Carriers group is as follows -----------
Corporate Office at Udaipur________________________________________________________________________________________________________
-   Quarrying Crushing & land Transport Operations in United Arab Emirates.
-   Transport & Material Handling Projects at Jhamarkotra Mines of RSMML, Udaipur
-   Mining & Crushing Project at Sanu Mines of RSMML, Jaisalmer (RSKPSSL)
-   Transportation & Material Handling Projects at Jaisalmer (UPSSL)
-   Pre-Crushing Project at GSFC Plant, Vadodara
-   Transport of Rock Phosphate from Udaipur to Vadodara for GSFC
-   Crushing Project at Jhamarkotra Mines of RSMML, Udaipur